Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Some More Discount or Free Books

 Coven of Dixon Cliff by Cheryl Hyde

Cassy and Ayla return to the small SoCal coven they have belonged to since elementary school, to bolster its status and ensure its survival by adding numbers and power. They brought Max along because their first, second, and third choices were unavailable or engaged in activities vital to maintaining “their world.”
You see, the trio chose a different time direction a few years ago to avoid the impending earth apocalypse. It was the destiny for their bloodline, having tried to guide earth for generations.
In the utopia where they reside time space travel is considered risky and mildly forbidden. Strong emotional bonds still exist and occasionally returning to the old time direction and “earth” is tolerated, but strongly discouraged.
Their mission is simple. Help Cassy and Ayla’s old coven defeat a pretend warlock. Have a party and go home. Except Max’s flirtatious nature has them in trouble from day one.

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The Bridge of Dead Things by Michael Gallagher (Book 1 The Involuntary Medium)

Murky Victorian London. 13-year-old Lizzie Blaylock is having a rough time. Her dad’s been fired, her sister has tuberculosis, and she just had some sort of fit at school for which she’s been expelled. When she has another fit, however, she and those around her slowly begin to realize that she may have special powers…powers to communicate with the dead.

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The Scarab Heart by Michael Gallagher (Book 2 The Involuntary Medium)

Theft and murder are afoot at an archaeological dig in 1885 Egypt. Lizzie Blaylock, world renowned ghost channeller, and her mentor, Miss Otis, thought they were simply there to vacation, especially as Lizzie wants nothing more to do with her powers. Her powers, though, have other things in mind.

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 I Got'cha by David Wighton

If you think being a teenager in today's world is tough, try being one in 2081. In Alberta's It's Only Fair society, your brain-band will zap you just for chewing with your mouth open. One boy pried his brain-band off to see what living with emotions would be like. Being chased by the entire Alberta army was bad enough. It became worse when another 15 year old kid offered to help him escape.

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The Shard Chronicles by Liam Taylor

A mild quake struck the exact moment Austin Cooper was born. When he was two years old an unidentified man saved his life, and he was five when the man guided him during his first use of a remarkable ability. At age seven, the man told Austin the talent he had was unique among anyone else in existence, and given to ensure his role as future protector of an ancient and powerful artifact. Later that day, the man departed Earth, taking the object he had possessed for centuries and leaving behind a world condemned to destruction by the brooding, alien malevolence it contained.
Now, Austin matures with the understanding that no one else has the ability to manipulate time, to move through it at a different level, a different speed. No one else can simply disappear to a place far away, a parched, bleak, and inhospitable wasteland. The trouble is, neither should Austin. Without control of the artifact, he has achieved the supposedly impossible, and revealed himself to another realm, to others that require him, preferably alive, but dead would suffice.
Things just aren’t getting any easier for Austin. There are the seemingly real and vivid dreams that have plagued him over the years, his ongoing struggle to keep the truth from his loving family, and the prospect of all-out war with a vengeful school bully, intent on destroying the only person able to defeat his cruel and callous deeds.
Well... take a number and get in line.
Half the Universe is already waiting.

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