Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Month of Giving: All Year Long

Christmas has come and gone but that doesn't mean that the spirit has left us. I think we get so caught up in the bells and whistles that we sometimes forget that it should be a quiet, thoughtful month. I've had time to think because I had a nasty case of the flu and had no opportunity to get out into the hustle and bustle. I'm on the tail end of it now, thankfully, and have found this wonderful idea that will allow me to keep giving throughout the year. I hope that you will share my enthusiasm for this project.
Help feed others--not by sending food half way around the world--but by helping to grow the food locally with local resources in an environmentally friendly way. We always see the food drives that ask for canned goods, usually by schools, but that is one time a year. Instead, here is a way to provide fresh food throughout the entire year free to those in need.
This group is already providing free fresh eggs to local families who otherwise would be without. Now they need a little help to get their idea for vegetables and fish off the ground. Won't you help?

Click the link below to check out their projects and to donate!

Give a gift that literally keeps on giving!

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