Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cape Ingénue by E. Bard

WELCOME to E. Bard author of Cape Ingénue an intriguing YA mystery!


Set in the small town of Schill Harbour, the story follows the misadventures of sixteen year old, Sandrin Hawkes. With the discovery of a classmate’s body at a local swimming hole, the girl is thrown into an unsettling mystery, a nest of long buried secrets and maybe even a treasure hunt. Could her classmate’s death have been more than just a terrible accident?

When Sandrin teams up with an unlikely partner, local juvenile delinquent Colt, the two soon uncover more than they ever imagined.

Young Adult, Adventure, Mystery, Treasure Hunt, Teen

Here's a **** Review by: Sandra Cimadori, Indie Author (North Carolina/Florida):

Set along the rugged coast of Nova Scotia, CAPE INGENUE is a YA thriller that features strong, realistic dialogue, beautifully described natural settings and great action scenes. The life that sixteen year old Sandrin and her friends live in the small town of Schill Harbour seems rather grim and dark, almost dystopian. Sandrin dreams of being a novelist. After school and on the weekends, she works long hours at a small restaurant and she agonizes over lousy tippers. Most of the boys she knows act like immature jerks, but she protects herself with a quick, sarcastic tongue. When a boy she likes is found dead under very suspicious circumstances, Sandrin becomes involved with Colt the local bad boy. Can she trust him, or is he just playing her? An ancient pirate legend is interlaced with the contemporary mystery, and Colt and his family seem to be at the center of both.
E. Bard is a writer to watch. She has an exceptional ear for dialogue which is all the more interesting since Canadian teens are the ones talking, and they sound wickedly clever. She paints wonderful word pictures of the beautiful but forbidding north Atlantic coast. Her action scenes, though, are where her writing shines through, tight and controlled, as Sandrin is pitted against human evil and nature's dangers. It reminded me of the thrilling action scenes of the great British writer Mary Stewart.

Author Profile:
E. Bard works on authoring YA/MG novels. As a side business, she also customizes her novels in paperback form for individual YA readers. Inspired by the chilly Atlantic coastline, one very creaky, drafty old house and several drafty old characters found wandering the streets of the town she lives in, E. Bard writes about ghosts, zombies, adventure, and anything mysterious. Her background includes a B.Sc. in Geology, TESL certificate, several years devoted to employment as an Environmental Scientist, Project Manager at a laboratory, children's ESL and Science Instructor as well as numerous other jobs. She enjoys traveling, reading, parenting, beach exploring, and entrepreneurial experiments. For fun, she struggles with single parenting and the never ending onslaught of home repairs.

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