Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shawdowland by C.M. Gray

I have started a few blog swaps where I am featured on someone's blog and I feature someone on mine. So here's a treat for you:

It's a YA historical fantasy:

The legend of Arthur and his knights of the round table is one of those stories that most of us grew up hearing. Magic swords, strange druids, knights in shinning armor and damsels in distress. But where did Arthur come from, if there is indeed any truth to the tale? This was all back in the dark ages, where so few records exist that it is actually called the dark ages.

Shadowland is the story … before the story. It follows the journey of two boys as their lives are roughly torn apart, witnessing a raid upon their village. The Romans are leaving Britain, Pict raiders are coming from north of the boarder and now Saxon boats are bringing a new invader to the shores of Britain.

On the night of Midwinter's eve, a storyteller takes his listeners back to a tale from his youth, but it isn't the tale his listeners had expected to hear, it isn't a story he thought he was going to tell, and it isn't a story that you have ever heard before. Welcome to Shadowland.

Received several five star reviews on Amazon including this from : Mad scientist

    A great story filled with tense scenes. The world described is evocative, atmospheric and really nails the sense of uncertainty as the folk, left behind by Rome's withdrawal from the British Isles at the beginning of the Dark Ages, try to protect themselves and rebuild their culture. There's also a strong sense of mystery, magic and adventure as the plight of the main characters unfolds while they move through the landscape toward their destiny. (Can't say anymore without spoiling!) As you get to know the characters' strengths, weaknesses, hopes and fears I really found myself relating to them and visualizing who they were.
     There are some unforeseen and unexpected twists too which move the story forward nicely and some exciting battle/ skirmish scenes. I really was hooked from the beginning. Having read quite a few published novels in the same vein I would rate this for sure. Highly entertaining!

About the Author C.M.Gray:

Born in England during the hippy 60's I had to wait until the early 80's to do my 'hippy' travelling. I spent a lot of time in India and all over Asia and worked at everything from a carpenter to an investment consultant. I now live in Barcelona Spain with my Dutch born wife and two wonderful children, Dylan and Yasmin. I love to write, Shadowland is actually my third novel. I will shortly release another pure fantasy tale called The Flight of the Griffin.


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Kittie Howard said...

Great review, Caron. I love this period and easily added Shadowland to my TBR list. Thank you!

Caron Rider, Author said...

I hope you enjoy it!