Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Dog Diet

For some a dog diet might sound strange. Even perhaps odd. My son said, "Are you eating the dog?" Laughing, I responded, "No, I'm walking the dog." No matter how you look at it, dogs affect our lifestyle and, if you let them, our weight.

So let's say you've already tried every diet in the world to lose a few pounds. Naturally, nothing worked. Then you get a brand new pet. A dog. Any dog. Big dog, little dog, in between dog, it doesn't matter. You have to walk him every day at fixed times, and amazingly you will lose weight!

It has been shown that regular and daily 10 to 15 minute walks are the best diet of all. You don't even have to change your eating habits. You just have to move. Now walking by yourself can be boring and people tend to stop. But with a must continue. The dog will insist on his walk each day. Sometimes  he will even bring you the leash!

So all the money for gyms and personal trainers can go back in the savings account. All you need is a dog. With little effort at all, you'll feel like a new person, be healthier, have a new friend, and be a few pounds lighter.

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