Saturday, May 4, 2013

Silver Demon is OUT!

I am so thankful that the book is done and finally available! Here's the final version of the cover:

Plunged into a demon filled world, Diana must come to terms with an existence geared toward defending humans. Diana’s dreams have shown her the way to destroy them with silver. But her dreams have also shown her Alexander—a demon she has hated…and loved…through the ages. Now Alex has followed her to Springfield, and people are dying. Dare she trust him and let him into her life?
An aggravating vice principal, Internet dating, and stalking demons are just a few of the challenges facing Diana, Sam and Maggie their senior year. Join them for another adventure that will ultimately lead them back to Rome.
Be sure to check our the first book in The Silver Series: Silver Knight.

I'll have links up on the side within a few days, but for now here is the Amazon one:

That link is for the Kindle ebook but it will also be available in paperback within the next few weeks.

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Gunsmoke said...

Nook and PDF formats are available on the authors web site!