Saturday, November 3, 2012


Everyone’s always talking about works in progress (WIP), except for me. So I thought I’d weigh in. I am currently finishing up with the second novel in The Silver Series trilogy. Many of you have already read the first novel, so you might want to check out the cover and first chapter of the second on my website.

I also have notes along with bits and pieces on the third and final novel, tentatively entitled Silver Dreams. BUT and that is a huge big but, I have notes, outlines, and ideas on another trilogy and two standalone novels. One book will be based on an old fairytale; one on an old classic novel, and the last is a completely new sci-fi/fantasy trilogy.

I’ll be honest here, Silver Knight rolled onto the paper without a hitch, but Silver Demon has been difficult. I’ve been “almost” finished for some time now. I realize that part of the difficulty consisted of my experiencing a personal loss and then depression, but it’s been really hard. However, I seem to be on the ball now with juices flowing, and it got me thinking.

Does the creative process inspire more creativity? Or have I always had these ideas and simply over looked them? Or ignored them? Could it be that I had to accomplish something before I realized that I could really do it, and therefore, I could open myself up to these other thoughts and dreams?

I’ve come to decide that the creative process has inspired more ideas in my crazy brain. That old adage of ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’ appears to be true. The more ideas I think about, the more ideas I seem to be getting. So now I have a ton of WIPs!

When you think that you can’t imagine something, imagine something completely different and before you know it, your brain will be in high gear!

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