Saturday, May 5, 2012

Silver Demon by Caron Rider Preview

I thought I'd give you a little taste of the next installment in The Silver Series. Enjoy!

Silver Demon
      Sometimes our fears are without visible cause, sometimes not. But everyone, everyone I tell you, is afraid of the dark. You leave a person long enough without any source of light, in complete and utter darkness, and you leave a person who will slowly lose his sanity. The person might know intellectually that he’s in a room by himself with only one door and no windows. He knows, he knows that nothing could have gotten into the room with him without his knowledge, but eventually, he will begin to hear a scrabbling, a light scratching, maybe the softest cough of sound. His heart rate will increase and then it’s impossible to hear anything over the thud, which only increases his fear.
       Scientists feel that our fear of the dark is genetically hardwired—evolution at work. In the dark, there were and still are predators. Our fear gave us the edge to survive they think. No disagreement here, the dark is real and we should fear it. But most disagree and term it ‘imagination.’ Little do they know.
       The very Dark itself is our enemy. It tries to crush the pinpricks of light spread throughout its area but nothing seems to eradicate it! Where one is snuffed out, another begins. The battle lines were drawn eons ago as creatures of the Dark defend themselves against those of the Light.


Anonymous said...

O-K-A-Y Caron Rider, you have my attention! You know what's wrong with previews? Yah, you got it...they leave you hungry! Nice shot! I want more! :)

Caron Rider, Author said...

Thanks! It's your fault, you know, for putting a chapter up at a time! It gave me the idea. :)

Samantha Steele said...

Yeah, I didn't even bother actually reading it. Just skimming was enough to make me get all huffy and demand the ENTIRE sequel!

Anonymous said...

He he he :)

Caron Rider, Author said...

Y'all really know how to make me chuckle! :)