Sunday, March 25, 2012

How do you write?

I don't know how you write, but I knock something out and then go back through and add, add, add and modify! It drives my editor crazy! Mmwahahaha! :)

So give me some comment luv and tell me the method to your madness! How do you write?


Anonymous said...

I start off with a piece of lined paper and create a chapter map, writing down the main events for each chapter. Then all around it I write in little tidbits, like, "Samantha goes back in time, no Zac would know, through another dimension? Does Joan go? NO, she MEETS Joan! What year... 1975. Cherie! Wait, they're a band? No, not yet. Yes, yes yet!" and so on and so on. Then I start typing. lol

Caron Rider, Author said...

I've been told to map it out like that but I have a hard time doing it. I like your question brainstorm!