Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's a leap year!

I'm feeling my mortality today. Is it because it's a leap year and our leap day is tomorrow? I feel like we're making up time (which of course we are) but I never seem to be able to make up my time. And since our moon cycle is reaching its first quarter for 3/1, and the crescent moon is the symbol of silver, I thought this might be appropriate:

Crescent Moon

Green September gone to October brown,
Fair November led to December’s frozen ground.
The seasons stumble round,
Our drifting lives are bound
To a falling crescent moon.

Fair the clouds cry the veil of tears to earth,
Morning gray time, no one sees a bird’s quiet mirth.
Dressed in a brand new day,
The sun is on its way
To a falling crescent moon.

Somewhere in a fairytale forest lies
One answer that is waiting to be heard.
It speaks to us of love
Flying in on the wings of a dove
To a falling crescent moon.

You and I were born like the breaking day.
All our seasons, all our green September’s burn away.
Slowly we’ll fade on our cue
Into the sea of midnight blue
And a falling crescent moon.

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