Monday, February 20, 2012

Silver Knight Book Trailer and Silver Demon Info

Continuing to work on the trailer for Silver Knight. If you haven't listened to the music, check out the link in the previous post and let me know what you think.

Also, continuing to work on Silver Demon, which picks up right where Silver Knight ends. If you've gone to my website you know that I only have 120 more days until the release of Silver Demon! I'm freakin' out here!

So Silver Demon starts out on the first day of Diana's senior year and we learn that over the summer the vice-principal has died in a suspicious car accident and the police are investigating. In addition, there is a new vice-principal to contend with. And most distressing of all, a serial killer has apparently come to town. As Diana and her friends come under suspicion (and have suspicions of their own), they eventually have to flee to New York where they meet some "new" old friends and discover the key to the demon's plot. After all, if you've read Silver Knight, don't you want to know why the demons were hanging out in the catacombs of Rome with all the high tech equipment?

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